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KC's G34 feature bright, efficient LEDs, signature Aluminum Finned-Turbine Design housing for thermal management, Spot beam for focused width and distance.

These Rampage Halogen Conversion Headlights were a very nice performance and style upgrade for our 1999 Jeep Cherokee.  A excellent upgrade from the stock lights!

Off-Road LED Lighting

Having the right lights out on the trail is essential to ensuring you have a safe trip and ensure you can see what ahead and behind you.  All the lights listed below we are currently used on either our Jeep Wrangler JK or Jeep Cherokee XJ.

JW Speaker 279  Jeep Wrangler brake led light replacements look amazing both on and off.  They are much brighter than stock and now I can actually see when I am backing up!

KC GRAVITY PRO6 LED LIGHT BAR is hand down my favorite light I have ever owned!  It is built with exceptional quality and performance.   It is an LED off-road lighting system utilizing patent-pending Infinity Ring system featuring radius to straight adjustability, modular beam patterns and expandable widths.​