Off-Road LED Lighting

Having the right lights out on the trail is essential to ensuring you have a safe trip and ensure you can see what ahead and behind you.  All the lights listed below we are currently used, or have used in the past with great results.

RIGID INDUSTRIES FLOOD LEDS lights are a great universal light for getting just the right amount of near and distant lighting on the trail.  I've got mine mounted on my window a-pillars.

JW Speaker 279  Jeep Wrangler brake led light replacements look amazing both on and off.  They are much brighter than stock and now I can actually see when I am backing up!

RIGID INDUSTRIES D2 HYPERSPOTS led lights were the very first set of lights I bought for my Jeep. I love the amount of light they throw directly down the trail. As far as spot lights go, couldn't ask for more!

RIGID INDUSTRIES D2 DIFFUSE led lights throw light everywhere! And that's exactly why I got them. These are a great light for brightening up everything around your rig and are an excellent complement to your spot or flood lights.

AUXBEAM F-16 LED HEADLIGHT bulb replacements are a very budget minded way of getting some high intensity white led headlights.  I have been using these for a year now and for the price, they just can't be beat.

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JDM Astar 1200 LED fog light bulb replacements are an excellent options without breaking the bank.  I have installed these over a year ago and they produce amazing white light and send out a broad diffuse pattern on the road and trail.

Auxbeam spot lights look a whole lot like the Rigid Industries lights, but are 1/4 of the price. Their beam is a little wider and the paint coating and lens don't have the same quality as the Rigid lights, but they're a good light for the budget-minded. 

RIGID INDUSTRIES SRQ FLOOD lights are an excellent low profile flood light.  I have a pair of these mounted on the rear of my roof rack and they are great for backing up and camping!