Is the Goose Gear Platform & Storage System Right for You?

While there are many eye-catching products out there that may be calling your name, the first thing you should do before spending your hard-earned cash is ask yourself, “Is this the right product for me?”

How do you know if it’s the right product for you? Well, here are two more questions to consider:

  1. Is it something you can install on your own?

  2. Does it fall within your budget?

I have been using the Goose Gear platform and storage system in my diesel Jeep JL since mid-October and I have to say, I have been very pleased with it so far. It has allowed me to completely redesign and reorganize the interior of my Jeep exactly how I want it to suit my needs.

One of the most appealing aspects of this system is the many different ways in which you can configure it. It’s kind of like Legos for Jeeps—you can mix and match different pieces, placing them whichever way works best for you. My setup includes:

  • The Jeep JLU Plate Systems

  • The Sleeping Platform w/ 60% Seat Delete

  • The Second Row Delete Infill Panel

  • The 60% Seat Delete Bracket

  • The Icebox 1.3 w/ Top Drawer (25” Deep Model)

  • The Double Drawer Module (18 3/16”W x 19”H x 25”D)

Note: Goose Gear is a U.S. based company so all of their products are made right here in the USA.

Jeep JLU Plate Systems 2018+

For the base platform (the plate system), you have the option of removing all the seats, removing just one or two, or keeping all of them. You also can opt to add storage units to the base platform system, add a seat delete option for increased space and storage, or just use it by itself.

I should mention that installing the platform will require the permanent removal of the carpet on the floor between the two side panels of factory plastic. This doesn’t mean the platform is permanent—you can, in fact, unscrew it and remove it whenever you want—but this is something to think about if you do not plan on leaving the platform installed 24/7.

What’s really cool is that there are four variations of this product, all priced the same, allowing you plenty of flexibility in designing the system that suits you best.

You can choose between the subwoofer and non-subwoofer versions and you also get to decide whether you want the storage access door on the passenger’s or driver’s side. I went with the non-subwoofer and driver’s side access door for my plate system.

Goose Gear states on their website that the plate system is built from Baltic Birch Plywood and is covered with a LineX. You can just feel how tough and durable this system is, which is good because it’s likely going to face some serious wear and tear over the years.

The platform itself is pretty light, weighing in at 28.1 pounds by itself, and you’ll want to factor that in with the overall weight of your entire setup.

Jeep JLU Sleeping Platforms

I opted for the 60% Seat Delete sleeping platform so that I could still keep some extra seating but have plenty of space and storage. Again, this is where you should consider your budget as well as what your particular needs are.

If you still have small kids, you might want to think twice before opting for the seat delete option. My kids aren’t small anymore so my Jeep doesn’t have to do double-duty as a family vehicle and I rarely have passengers in the back so I was perfectly fine removing the two rear seats.

The benefit of the seat delete option is that it not only gives you access to even more storage but it also gives you the option of being able to sleep in the rear of your vehicle if you choose.

The sleeping platforms are made of the same Baltic Birch Plywood and LineX coating as the main platform, so it looks great when attached to the main platform.

Jeep JLU Second Row Delete Infill Panel

The second row delete infill panel is the optional panel that goes right underneath the edge of the sleeping platform, if you opted to add that to the platform. Adding this will seal off access to what is underneath the sleeping platform, meaning you can only reach whatever gear you have in there via the access doors.

The reason I chose to add this is because it really helps seal everything into the platform and prevents my items from sliding around. It also gives it a cleaner look.

If you want to maintain easy access to storage and you aren’t too worried about things sliding around, then you may not want to spend the extra money for this item. But, like I said, the great thing about this system is that you can design it to suit you.

Jeep JLU 60% Seat Delete Bracket 2018+

This bracket is only designed for the 60% seat delete and it’s an easy install that requires only a few hand tools and some basic mechanical skills. It is powder coated black steel and comes with nuts and washers for the installation.

IceBox 1.3 w/Top Drawer – 25” Deep Module

The IceBox module is designed with a complete fridge slide as well as a small storage drawer directly above. It includes a 100% extension fridge tray that can be locked into place so that it only slides out when you want it to.

The dimensions of the IceBox are 19 3/16”W by 27-1/2”H and 25” deep. There is a variety of fridges that are capable of fitting within these dimensions, and Goose Gear lists some of them as the fridges by ARB (up to 50qt), Engel (up to 45qt), Indel B (up to 40qt), and SnoMaster (up to 40qt). I’m using the Dometic 45L CFX and it fits perfectly.

If you already have a fridge (and it fits these dimensions), this is a great way to keep it secured in place and makes ease of access significantly better than if the fridge were strapped down. If you don’t own a fridge but are planning on buying one, another thing you’ll need to consider is which refrigerators will fit this module.

The system itself works very smoothly and you can tell that it is high quality. It has four sections that you screw into the platform and, with it being relatively lightweight, it’s easy to equip and unequip as you may see fit.

Double Drawer Module – 18 3/16”W x 25” Depth

If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of rummaging through all of your gear looking for a specific item and find yourself unloading half your vehicle in the process, I’ve been there and I feel your pain.

The double drawer setup will change your life because it makes grabbing that one specific item so much easier. It slides out smoothly and quickly, and is able to hold a substantial number of items.

The drawer boxes themselves are composed of 11-ply Baltic Birch dovetail and are sturdy and well built. They also come with a locking compression latch for securing them in place. Simply press down on the latches and the drawer slides right out.

Just like the IceBox, there are four areas to screw down and then it’s set. Screwing it in requires the easy removal of the drawers, meaning that you are only moving the lightweight frame in and out when installing and uninstalling. The drawers can then be easily slid into place.

Final Thoughts

The Goose Gear platform and storage system has really allowed me a way to organized all my gear in a convenient manner. I’m completely impressed with the high-quality components that allow me the flexibility to design a system according to my needs and make it easy to stay organized and access my food and gear with ease.

Goose Gear’s products make installation simple and straightforward. Anyone with a little mechanical know-how and some hand tools (although, power tools will make it that much faster) can do the install.

At the end of the day, if you’re thinking about getting a similar system, you need to consider what works for you. The total costs of this setup isn’t a sum of money to laugh at, but you get what you pay for—sturdy, American-made gear that is built to last.

And the great thing about this whole setup is that it can work for a wide variety of budgets and needs. Even a simple system can revolutionize the way you organize all of your gear, leaving you time to enjoy your adventure instead of tearing your rig apart just to find something. After all, the adventure is what it’s all about!

In this video I discuss this Goose Gear storage system and several other vehicle storage solutions you might find helpful:

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