Well it's about time we got the XJ back in the garage for some upgrades. In this video, I show you a close up look of KC HiLites Gravity G34 driving LED cube lights, then I show you how to I installed them on the XJ and take them out on the trail and light them up. I also share with you some problems we are having the XJ and some upcoming videos I think you will really enjoy.

On this episode of Project Jeep Cherokee XJ Overland, we tackle several important upgrades to get the XJ ready for the road and trail. We complete the installation of the transfer case drop down bracket, install upgraded headlight from Rampage, swap out our brake lines with some steel braided lines from Tomken, and upgraded our steering linkage with a kit from Rusty's Off Road.

Project XJ Overland

Ashtray Switch Panel and Stereo Install

In this video, we show you how we installed a headliner in a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport. We've been working on building this XJ for use on overland trips and replacing the nasty headliner has been long overdue.

Jeep Cherokee Tire Upgrade 

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 6

Project XJ Overland Jeep Cherokee


In this video, we reveal how the 4-ince Iron Rock Off-Road Lift Kit turned out on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ Overland project. We still plan on showing a step-by-step install of the kit, but we couldn't wait to show you how it looked. We also reveal what rims we chose for the build, flat black ProComp 69's!

Jeep XJ Off-Road LED Lights - KC G34's

In this video, we summarize how the installation of the Iron Rock Off-Road 4" lift kit on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ project. We also give you a sneak peak about what we will be installing over the next few days.

Watch as we install our new Cooper Discover STT Pro tires on our project 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Overland. We went with a 32x11.5x15 and could not be happier with the aggressive look. Check out the video and learn why we decided on a 32" tires.

First Time Off-Road

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 11

Time to Replace the Sway Bar Bushings

Project XJ Overland Ep. 1

Headliner Install & Build Update  

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 9

4” Lift Kit Install & Project Update

Project XJ Overland Ep. 5

Iron Rock Off Road 4” Lift Kit Unboxing

Project XJ Overland Ep. 3

In this video series, my sons and I take a bone stock 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ and begin the process of restoring it and building it up to be used as an overland rig.  Along the way we take care of some much needed maintenance, and then get into the fun stuff like lift kits, bigger tires, bumpers, lights, storage and more.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Bumper, Winch & Battery  

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 8

In this first episode of Project XJ Overland, we replace the 17-year-old sway bar and sway bar link bushings on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport. These link bushings were dry-rotted and worn out from over 200,000 miles of use. The sway bar and endlinks were clanking around, metal to metal, and there was a lot of vibration in the steering running down the freeway, so these new bushings should help firm up the front suspension a little.

Jeep XJ Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier Install - Smittybilt XRC

Brake Lines, Steering Linkage, & More 

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 7

Project XJ Overland gets some much needed modifications. We install a brand new, stainless steel exhaust from Magnaflow and we trim off a little of our fender to get rid of our tire rub.

Lift Kit Complete

Project XJ Overland Ep. 4

In this episode, we get started on lifting Project XJ Overland and show you the components that came in our Iron Rock Off Road 4” Premium Short Arm Lift Kit.  We also bring you up to date on how much we've spent on the project so far and what is coming next.  Be sure to stay tuned when we install this lift kit. Lot’s more to come on this project!

In this latest video of Project XJ Overland, I finally get around to installing the Smittybilt XRC rear bumper and tire carrier on our 1999 Jeep Cherolkee that we have been slowly transforming into a worthy overlading vehicle.

In this episode, my son helps me replace the valve cover gasket on our 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ. The old gasket has been leaking pretty bad in in the rear and probably hasn’t been replaced in many, many years. We also break down how much the build has cost us to date and ask your opinion on deciding on which rims to get.

​Valve Gasket Install & Build Update

Project XJ Overland Ep. 2

On this episode, we slap on a new bumper, install a winch, fix our free-range battery problem, and take care of a few other odds and ends. We also show you something very interesting we uncovered when pulling the bumper off.

After five months of hard work, my teenage boys and I finally take our 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ out on the trail. My boys and I have put a lot of work into the Jeep, getting it ready for this moment. There's still a lot more work to be done, but it was SO satisfying to finally take it out on the trail.

Magnaflow Exhaust Install & Fender Trim

​Project XJ Overland Ep. 10

My son is home from college for the summer and it was nice to finally get in the garage and do some work the XJ. In this video we install a new stereo, speakers, plus a custom DIY ashtray auxiliary switch panel. We also try and hunt down the fuse for our cigarette lighter to see if we can get it working again. Lot's of electrical stuff in this video!

Project XJ Overland starts with a completely stock 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4 model XJ. We bought this XJ to build as an expedition rig that we can take on long treks and have some creature comforts like a roof top tent, storage, refrigerator, and more. My twin boys will be using this as a daily driver, but when the weekend comes, they can follow me and work on their off-road skills.