Factor 55 Shackle Mount is an excellent upgrade to using the standard winch open hook.  These are high strength tested and look great!

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Smittybilt 2 x 20 Recovery Strap should be carried in every off-road rig.  You never know when you or someone else will need assistance and this is the right tool for the job.  I've used this many times!

A winch is really an essential piece of equipment every off road vehicle should have.  There are so many uses to include pulling yourself out of a sticky situation, helping another  trail rig get unstuck and even assisting in removing fallen tress off the trail.  I love my Smittybilt XRC Winch.


You never know when you, a friend or someone you may encounter along the trail will need to be recovered. Sand, mud, rocks, or large rug have all been situations I've had to put the below equipment to work.

Receiver Hitch D-Ring Not every vehicle comes with solid recovery points in the rear.  On my Jeep Cherokee I installed one of these just in case the situation arrises.